Experienced, Licensed, and Insured Investigations

Threat Assessment & Risk Mitigation

Our team utilizes extensive training and experience in threat assessment and risk mitigation to accurately identify all potential threats to your person, valuables, home, or business and then develops effective strategic countermeasures to reduce or eliminate the risk of those threats from ever occurring.  The reliability in our proactive and comprehensive solutions will bring you the peace of mind you deserve.

Registered Process & Notary Services

We offer registered process service for Restraining Orders, Orders to Appear, Subpoenas, Summons, Bank Levies, Pre-Judgement Claims, Earnings Withholding Orders, and Writs of Execution throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.  We skip trace every person being sought for service to ensure success. 

Personal History & Internal Affairs Investigations


Our experienced investigators provide experienced, impartial, unbiased, and independent investigations guaranteeing fact-based results for all of your business decisions.  Let us help you ensure the security and integrity of your business.

Skip Tracing & Missing Persons Investigation


Whether it is a debtor avoiding payment, a fugitive running from the law, or just a long lost loved one, we are experienced in locating even those individuals that are actively committed to staying hidden.

Surveillance & Evidence Collection

Our highly trained and experienced team members provide the confidential and discreet surveillance and undercover operations necessary to ensure that you obtain the evidence-based documentation you seek.  We constantly strive to ensure that the documentation of our observations are corroborated by physical evidence, photographic evidence, video evidence, audio evidence, or witness statements.

Criminal & Civil Investigations

We only assign investigators who already possess decades of experience in scene analysis, evidence collection, witness interviews, skip tracing, and case preparation to conduct all of our civil and criminal investigations.  We will provide you with the indisputable evidence-based documentation required for all your legal, business, and personal needs.